ID code reading /verification


Application background



Qr code, bar code has been widely used to product marks, traceability, such as in the production process, as the production automation level of ascension, automatic identification has become a restructured as part of the automation, industrial bar code identification equipment targeted to solve the problem of automatic identification technology, has been widely applied to the production process and automation equipment.


Application introduction



 Read the bar code and qr code on the code quickly identify products and output of information, read the decoder as industrial can output information, also can through the I/o output control information, cooperate with production line or automation equipment automation production, in addition, in some particular production process or equipment, we can according to the actual situation, custom development code reading device.


Application characteristics


High speed, high efficiency, high stability, continuous work;


Application customization, the operating interface & permissions customized, convenient management;


According to actual read request custom development code reading system.


Application case

马口铁喷码在线读取Tinplate QRcode online reading